Day Job - Teacher - Western culture, Business, English

                          Teacher Michael H. Collins and some of the lovely Chinese university students he has taught
As a teacher, from 2000 I was a university teacher of Western Humanities including English language at Beijing International Studies University. I then worked in the English Department, Preparatory Year, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and after that at Koya University, Kurdistan, Iraq. A fresh invitation to China saw me Director of Studies in a private boarding school, preparing students to begin their studies in Business in the UK and US. Last year I taught a semester at British Hills, Fukushima, Japan, where I helped edit a series of textbooks for adults on practical business skills.
My courses have included American and British History, Western Civilization from Homer to Augustine, and from Augustine to T. S Eliot, Western Print Media and Cultural Studies. In English I focus on English for Academic Purposes, supporting preparatory year and existing higher education students, helping them research their dissertations, organize their essays and express them in appropriate English. I am an examiner for IELTS and CAE and have a particular interest in assessment. I have also acted as a private tutor and copywriter based in London.
As a manager I pay attention to task orientation, group maintenance and personal care. I carry out lesson observations and enjoy helping less experienced teachers choose pedagogical objectives and plan how best to implement them. I tell teachers it’s not so much what the teacher says as what the students do that is important. I like to see students moving up the taxonomy of skills from declarative statements to aptly theorized evaluation. Where schemes of work are followed I ask teachers to align their assessments to the aims and objectives of the course and not the other way round.
Now working as an independent author I shall be interested to hear from anyone who would like to discuss a contribution I could make to their organizations.