St George

St George: An all-purpose saint for the Church of England

29 Dec 2016

Secrets of England’s patron saintSt George:An all-purpose saint An-All-Purpose-Saint-for-the-Church-of-England

St George and the Dragon Victory Leading

17 Dec 2016

St George and the Dragon Victory Leading, Sir Alfred Gilbert (1904) The St George and the Dragon Victory Leading bronze statuette is a favourite image in my book St George and the Dragons. Searches for this beautiful and unusual representation of St George have come up on the first page of searches for ‘St George’, so I must be doing something right. The statuette is 17.5 inches high and comprises two remarkable sections. The first is composed of three figures: St George carrying a banneret and joyously urging his horse on over the body of the beaten dragon; the squire Victory to the right leading the horse by its bridle in his left hand and waving a palm of victory in his right; and the horse prancing excitedly over his foe. The base of the statuette is even more remarkable. There lies the dragon not simply sprawling on the ground but spreadeagled over the clearly delineated pinnacles and turrets of a town. The sculptor, Sir Alfred Gilbert R.A. (1854-1934) is most famous for the Shaftesbury Memorial at Piccadilly Circus, London, usually known as Eros. He┬áconceived his astonishing sculpture of St George and the Dragon after a dream on 15 May…