St George and the Dragons

St George and the Dragons

St George and the Dragons

How did a Palestinian replace native English saints as England’s patron saint? Why did an Italian archbishop link St George with the Dragon? Whose body lies in St George’s tomb in Israel?

Discover the answers to these and other secrets of St George revealed to the public by an Oxford-trained historian.

Why is the flag of St George at the heart of the Union Jack? Where can you see wall paintings of St George that have lain hidden for centuries? What king really put St George on the map?

With a foreword by Professor Emeritus Dan Brown, this thought-provoking celebration of English culture with its many images shows how St George can be reinterpreted for our times while remaining true to our English heritage. St George’s Day has become a popular celebration and topic of debate. But why is St George relevant for today’s secular, multicultural England? English yet international, revered both by Christians and Muslims, St George is a multicultural figure who symbolizes universal values.

Anyone interested in St George will find a wealth of new information and stimulating discussion in St George and the Dragons. Journalists, teachers, clergy and tourists will find it a great resource. Educators and exhibition organizers will find it an easy-to-use treasure-trove. Links to activities and further reading provide a rich and enjoyable experience of English culture.

Discover how St  George was first made known in England

An All-Purpose Saint for the Church of England (PDF)