How the anonymous worldwide internet made ISIS international

29 May 2017

Guest post by SARWET ABDULLA MOHAMMED,Australia / University of Southern Queensland, Humanities and Communication Since the revolution in technology and ISIS many things in different fields have been changed. Communications is one of the fields which have been developed. As a consequence the internet has come to have an impact on human life, particularly on communications from a distance. The beginning of the internet was in 1969, so then is also the beginning of building a world which is called the ‘Global Village’. The characteristics of the internet are likely to be the main cause of growing this new technology quickly and having an impact on all aspects of everyday life. For instance, sending information fast causes us to use the internet as an alternative to post mail. Multimedia is likely to be the main reason to use the internet instead of other channels like newspapers, radio, and television. In terms of the military, it is clear that at the beginning the internet was used for military purposes in the age of the Cold War, when the Soviet Union in 1957 sent the first satellite into space. Then the USA felt insecure in the field of military information, particularly in…

Vatican Bank Scandals - Pope Francis makes progress

07 Feb 2017

Pope Francis addressing the Curia….Scandal, corruption anme at the highest levels in the Vatican bank have rocked the Catholic church. The bank’s president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a well-regarded figure in European banking, was effectively sacked when the board passed a unanimous “no-confidence” vote in 2012. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi Ettori Gotti Tedeschi But in January 2017 a Rome prosecutor asked for sentences of one year in jail for former Vatican bank Director- General Paolo Cipriani and 10 months for his former deputy Massimo Tulli. The trial concerns suspected breaches of Italy’s anti-money-laundering norms linked to two suspicious operations that led to the seizure of 23 million euros in 2010, later returned to the bank of the Holy See. The IOR operated in Italy without authorization for 40 years, Rome prosecutors said in court. From January 1 to February 12, 2013, the Bank of Italy froze all credit card and ATM transactions inside the Vatican City over its failure to fully implement international anti-money laundering standards. Pope Benedict took swift action to comply. From the prosecutors’ statements it looks as if Tedeschi was forced out by former Secretary of State Bertone in order to stop…

Refugees - a rational and humane response to the crisis

02 Jan 2017

Refugees – a rational and humane response to the crisis – has bothered me since I first encountered groups of Syrian shoeshine boys in West Beirut at Christmas 2013. ‘Those boys should be in school,’ I thought. Soon I learned there were not enough school places. The government couldn’t cope with the numbers. Even the informal street schools run by charities were often full. At best they could offer classes only part of the day. in any case their families couldn’t afford to give the boys time off work. There’s no welfare. A conference of Middle East experts was held during World Refugee Week 2016. Participants recommended a number of actions. These included giving more education in refugee camps, updating international law on refugees, and measures to reduce extremism. The conference statement is reproduced below. ‘A response to Middle East Migration: 31 December 2016: The following statement is signed by some of the participants in the conference on Migration, its Genesis and Causes hosted by Initiatives of Change and the Next Century Foundation during World Refugee Week 2016. We believe it represents a consensus view of participants: Action to support Refugees in recently established camps in the Middle East:…

St George: An all-purpose saint for the Church of England

29 Dec 2016

Secrets of England’s patron saintSt George:An all-purpose saint An-All-Purpose-Saint-for-the-Church-of-England

St George and the Dragon Victory Leading

17 Dec 2016

St George and the Dragon Victory Leading, Sir Alfred Gilbert (1904) The St George and the Dragon Victory Leading bronze statuette is a favourite image in my book St George and the Dragons. Searches for this beautiful and unusual representation of St George have come up on the first page of searches for ‘St George’, so I must be doing something right. The statuette is 17.5 inches high and comprises two remarkable sections. The first is composed of three figures: St George carrying a banneret and joyously urging his horse on over the body of the beaten dragon; the squire Victory to the right leading the horse by its bridle in his left hand and waving a palm of victory in his right; and the horse prancing excitedly over his foe. The base of the statuette is even more remarkable. There lies the dragon not simply sprawling on the ground but spreadeagled over the clearly delineated pinnacles and turrets of a town. The sculptor, Sir Alfred Gilbert R.A. (1854-1934) is most famous for the Shaftesbury Memorial at Piccadilly Circus, London, usually known as Eros. He conceived his astonishing sculpture of St George and the Dragon after a dream on 15 May…