Best FREE IELTS preparation

Got an IELTS test coming up? Want to find the best IELTS preparation websites? Need FREE exercises and example answers? The best FREE IELTS preparation websites are listed here.

Experienced IELTS teacher, examiner and author Michael H. Collins MA has searched the web for the sites that reveal the secrets of success at IELTS.

Based on extensive research for his own Seventh Level tuition company in London, England, this page lists the very best of FREE IELTS practice and advice websites.

Taking some English classes is not enough to do well at IELTS. IELTS is a difficult test designed to test whether you really can use English for everyday and academic purposes. There are many different types of question in each part of the test. You have to know how to answer each type of question. And you don’t have much time. You have to answer 40  Reading questions in 60 minutes and 40 Listening questions in 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes to transfer your Listening answers to the answer sheet). You have to spell your answers correctly to get the mark. Next you have to write two essays in only one hour. There is no break between these tests (although you can go to the toilet). Usually on the same day also you then have a Speaking test interview of 11 to 14 minutes. For that you don’t just answer a series of questions. You have to speak for up to two minutes on a topic.

Are you sure you’re ready? Do you know what the different types of questions are and how to answer them? Do you know what the examiner is looking for in your writing and speaking?

Preparation and practice are essential. Save time and gain in confidence by preparing in the right way. If you use the best FREE websites you will get on target for the score you need.

Here is an exclusive list of excellent websites about IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, all in one place. There is no need to search further. These sites are all FREE. The list will be kept updated.


Most common types of questions

1. Matching tasks

Completion tasks (fill-in-the-blanks/gap exercises)

Table completion

Strategy – Example –Exercise with audio

Advice – Exercises – Answers

A similar exercise with audio

Exercise with audio

Form completion (2 mins 40 secs) (4 mins 40 secs) (Questions 4 – 8) (2 mins 10 secs)

Sentence completion

Notes completion

3. Plan/Map/Diagram labelling

Advice – Questions – Answers

4. Multiple choice

Use items 3 (Questions) and 4 (Recording 2)

Strategies and examples 14 mins 48 secs

5. Short-answer questions

6. True or False





Tips – Tests

Key words organized by frequency

Organized by problem e.g. clusters

Spelling matters



General advice

Extensive page with many tips, strategies for test prep and general listening with practice tests

Extensive general advice. Links to tips and exercises

Numerous strategies

Five key skills for success in IELTS Listening

1. Predict answers before you listen to identify the type of information required.

2. Identify parallel meaning between what the speaker says and what the question asks.

3. Be aware of any grammatical changes you may need to make to the speaker’s words to make them fit the question.

4. Practice using different skills simultaneously (e.g. reading, listening and writing). You will need use all of these during the listening section of IELTS.

5. Improve your spelling.

Tips page

Specific advice on each question type without exercises

Comprehensive advice on the skills and strategies needed for each type of question

Six specific strategies (audio, 6.56)

Shadowing technique 3 min 46 secs.


Most common types of questions

True/False/Not Given

Strategies and Examples 10 mins

Full explanation with examples with partial transcript  15 mins  44 secs

Tips – Exercise – Answers

Strategies – Example – Practice -Answers

Yes/No/Not Given

Strategies and examples

Summary completion

Skills – Problems – Exercise – Answers – Advice

Summary match (Matching information and paragraphs)


Strategies and Examples  11 mins 33 secs 8 mins 43 secs

Tutorial (can subscribe to daily lessons)

Note completion

Advice –Exercise – Answers


Strategies and examples 16 mins 20 secs

Table Completion

Strategies and Examples

Short Answers

Tips and short example

Tips – Practice – Answers

Strategies in detail 5 min 35 secs

Tips – Questions – Answers

Tips – Test – Solutions

General practice (no advice) on most types of questions

Diagram labelling

Sentence endings   11 mins 33 secs 9 mins 12 secs

Multiple choice                                        

Matching facts and opinions                                                          14 mins 14 secs  Tips

General advice

One page of advice

Extensive general advice with audio (11 min 49 secs)

Extensive general advice

Extensive page with many tips, strategies for test prep and general reading with practice tests


Task 1


Scroll down to four links to exercises

Line graphs



Task 2

Detailed advice on types of questions and structure of answer

Using examples for coherence [includes 10 links to other Dominic Cole lessons]

Arguments, Cause and Effect, Problem and Solution essays



Extensive page with many tips, strategies for test prep and general  writing with practice tests


Cleft sentences [Longman’s Advanced grammar]

Fixing run-on sentences  [Examples and quiz]

Punctuation [with videos 2 min 38 secs, 5 min 33 secs]

Paraphrase  (six lessons)


Strategies and key phrases





Preparation advice

Numbers, tenses (many related videos on the website)

Speaking Band Descriptors