Month: May 2017

How the anonymous worldwide internet made ISIS international

29 May 2017

Guest post by SARWET ABDULLA MOHAMMED,Australia / University of Southern Queensland, Humanities and Communication Since the revolution in technology and ISIS many things in different fields have been changed. Communications is one of the fields which have been developed. As a consequence the internet has come to have an impact on human life, particularly on communications from a distance. The beginning of the internet was in 1969, so then is also the beginning of building a world which is called the ‘Global Village’. The characteristics of the internet are likely to be the main cause of growing this new technology quickly and having an impact on all aspects of everyday life. For instance, sending information fast causes us to use the internet as an alternative to post mail. Multimedia is likely to be the main reason to use the internet instead of other channels like newspapers, radio, and television. In terms of the military, it is clear that at the beginning the internet was used for military purposes in the age of the Cold War, when the Soviet Union in 1957 sent the first satellite into space. Then the USA felt insecure in the field of military information, particularly in…